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Terms of Business.

Welcome to Wellpets Vets, at Fairwater, Cwmbran and New Inn, Pontypool. The surgeries are owned and operated by Wellpets Ltd. All of our Veterinary consultations are by prior appointment, and are offered between 9am, and 6.15pm, Monday to Friday. Appointments are also available on Saturdays at Fairwater between 9.00am and 12.15pm.

We aim to listen to your concerns in a clean and private consulting room, diagnose any problems, formulate a treatment plan, where appropriate, and keep you informed of all costs involved. We try to offer as full a range of services as we can at both of our sites, but certain facilities are only available at our Fairwater site (Radiography, Ultrasonography, orthopaedic surgery).

If your pet needs to be admitted for treatment, we will try to give you a realistic estimate of the anticipated cost, and keep you updated on his or her condition, treatment plan and cost while he or she is with us. Most surgery is performed during the morning, so that we have adequate time to monitor your pet during recovery before sending him home. Admissions for surgery normally take place between 8.30 and 9.00am. This allows us to give pre-medication to those pets which need it, so they are calm and relaxed before their anaesthetics.

If your pet has a complicated problem, or needs further investigation, such as an MRI scan, we may discuss the option of a referral with you. A referral to see a vet who specialises in a particular area of veterinary medicine can easily cost several thousands of pounds, and this illustrates how wise it is to arrange pet insurance. Even routine treatment can be expensive, and emergency treatment even more so. We are not permitted to recommend insurance companies or policies, but can offer general advice to help you choose a policy. Please ask for our leaflet on pet insurance if you wish. We do expect payment when you see the vet, even if your pet is insured. Because there are dozens of pet insurance companies, all with different terms and conditions, we ask that you settle our bill, and leave a claim form with us. We will complete your form and provide an itemised bill for your insurance company, who will reimburse you after deducting your excess and any items which they do not cover. If paying our bill and waiting for reimbursement from your insurers would cause financial hardship, you should mention this to the vet.

We have a professional obligation to provide our registered clients with a 24 hour emergency service. By ringing either of our surgery numbers at any hour of the day or night, you will have access to qualified Vets and Veterinary Nurses for advice. If you have an emergency outside our normal opening hours, which cannot wait until the next routine daytime appointment, arrangements will be made for you to take your pet to the Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service, at Ystrad Mynach. It is a good idea to be aware of where the Emergency Treatment Service is located, to avoid searching for it at a stressful time if you need them urgently. Their web address is http://www.v-e-t-s.co.uk/, their phone number is 01443 811111 and their postcode is CF82 7AF.

If your pet has a simple problem which a short course of treatment will cure, we will happily provide this for you. However, many pets suffer from conditions requiring long term or continuous medication. Heart disease, epilepsy and arthritis are examples of this. Many owners have found they can source their pet’s medication online far cheaper than we are able to supply it ourselves. If the drug your pet needs is a prescription drug (usually labelled POM[V]) then the online pharmacy will not be able to supply you without a written prescription from ourselves. We make a charge of £15.00 for the written prescription (to include 1 or 2 drugs) or £24 if you need 3 or more drugs. We can write the prescription to allow you to make repeat purchases of the drug[s] your pet needs for up to 6 months. The prescription will need to be posted, faxed or emailed to the online pharmacy, and approved before they can send you the medication. We will, of course, be happy to supply your pet’s regular medication ourselves if you prefer to purchase from us.

We are bound to comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act because we hold computerised records for you and your pet[s]. We do not pass your personal information to 3rd parties other than veterinary colleagues (if we are arranging a referral or second opinion) or pet insurance companies, with your agreement. The exception to this is if your pet may have strayed and we identify him or her by scanning the microchip. In this case, we may give out your contact details so that you may be reunited with your pet. You will have given permission for this under the terms and conditions of microchipping. It is important for us to have mobile, home and work telephone numbers for you, especially if we need to contact you when your pet is an in-patient with us. We would like to be able to email you too, to inform you when your pet’s preventative treatments are due. If you would prefer us not to use a particular form of communication when contacting you, please inform any of our team.

We would like to make you aware of a scheme we run called the Wellpets Club. In this scheme, owners pay a monthly direct debit which takes care of all of their pet’s preventative healthcare needs (vaccinations, year round worming and flea control). Scheme members are also entitled to a minimum of 10% discount off other services, and 25% discount off regular long term medication. Please check our website for further details, or pick up a leaflet at reception.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with the service you receive from us, we ask that any complaint is made in writing, and addressed to the Practice Manager. We will respond to your letter in writing within 14 days, allowing us time to investigate your complaint, and hopefully resolving all issues raised to your satisfaction.