Planning to take yourpet abroad? Let us help you ensure your travel plans run smoothly

PassportAre you planning on taking your pet abroad? We have helped many of our clients to enjoy their foreign trips more, by providing Pet Passports, so they can take their pets with them.

Before travelling, your pet would need to be microchipped (now compulsory for dogs anyway) and to be vaccinated against Rabies. The passport document can then be issued and is valid for travel 3 weeks after the rabies vaccine has been given. It remains valid for 3 years from the date of the Rabies vaccine, and can be extended simply by repeating the Rabies vaccination when it falls due. So what does your pet need to be deemed fit to travel?

· A microchip – for more information, please click
· A rabies vaccination – one injection from 12weeks of age will protect your pet for up to 3 years
· A waiting period after this primary vaccinationbefore travelling – 21 days if travelling to another EU country

Not all vets are authorised to issue Pet Passports, so please consult us in plenty of time before you plan to travel, so we can ensure that we are able to provide the necessary documents within your time scale.