If you never intend to breed your pet, neutering is the responsible option

You may have heard that neutering your pet will stop unwanted litters, but did you know that it also provides many health benefits?

Neutering refers to the relatively simple surgical procedure of removing an animal’s sexual organs: for females, the ovaries and uterus and for males, the testicles. If you have a dog, cat, or rabbit you have no intention of breeding from, neutering is the most responsible action to take for your pet.

43If you have a female animal, getting her spayed will help her health in the following ways:

Prevents cancer of the uterus and ovaries and helps prevent breast tissue cancer

Prevents uterine infections (Pyometra)

Prevents unwanted pregnancies

Prevents the nuisance and mess associated with coming in to season (bitches)

Prevents pseudo-pregnancies (false pregnancies) in bitches

If you have a male animal, getting him castrated will help his health in the following ways:

Prevents testicular cancer

Reduction of the incidence of prostatic diseases, including cancer

Controls testosterone-influenced aggressive behaviour

Prevents urine marking and roaming (cats)

Prevents adal adenoma (perianal tumours) in dogs

If you are worried about having your pet neutered, we can reassure you that it is a relatively low risk procedure, performed by our team on a daily basis. The procedure will be performed under a general anaesthetic, and your pet will even be able to recover with you at home on the same day.  Your pet might feel a little groggy afterwards, but most animals spring back to their normal selves within a few days.