Microchipping is a small price to pay for a lifetime’s peace of mind


If your pet strayed, you would want to have done everything possible to maximise the chances of his, or her safe return. Microchipping is a modern and efficient way to reunite you with your companion if you are separated.

A microchip is an electronic device, as small as a grain of rice, which can be quickly implanted into your pet. Your pet’s microchip will have a unique code, which is linked to your contact details on a national computerised database. If your pet is subsequently lost, an animal professional can scan your pet’s chip and contact you straight away.

Microchip implantation is relatively quick, simple and painless. Our trained staff will insert the microchip under the skin between your furry friend’s shoulder blades.

Furthermore, did you know that it is a legal requirement for your dog to be microchipped? If your dog is not microchipped by April 6th 2016, you could face a hefty £500 fine.