If your pet has a complex problem, we can call on our international network of specialists to help us reach a diagnosis


Our clients can present us with a very wide range of problems with their pets. Mostly these problems are simple to diagnose, but very occasionally your pet could develop a more complex problem. When this happens, you can rest assured that Wellpets are equipped to diagnose and treat your pet.

At Wellpets we have a computerised system called IDEXX Telemedicine, which connects us to an international group of Veterinary Specialists.

Should your pet develop a more complex problem, their clinical notes, radiographs, scans and reports can be uploaded to our telemedicine system for external assessment. Following this, a world renowned Veterinary Specialist would analyse the data and give their expert opinion on the case.

“We have world experts and authorities ready to help with difficult cases within hours, so your mind can be at ease, no matter what the problem”  – Richard Smith, Director, Wellpets Ltd.

This modern system not only gives you the peace of mind that worldwide specialists are available to help your pet, but is also extremely quick; we can usually receive a diagnosis from these renowned vets in just one hour.