How slender is your pet? Keeping an eye on their weight is crucial to their health


Is your pet overindulged with treats? It’s important to keep an eye on your pet’s waistline, not only to keep them happy, but also to reduce the risk of obesity related health issues.

Pet obesity in the UK is becoming increasingly common. Obesity is a disease in its own right and comes with many health complications, such as heart disease, liver damage and diabetes, as well as damage to joints, bones and ligaments. Your pet can also suffer if they are underweight, resulting in issues such as muscle weakness, fatigue, heart problems and fluid retention.

Here at Wellpets, we can invite you to attend clinics with our experienced nurses, in which you will receive invaluable advice on keeping your pet fit and well. You will be given a specially designed exercise plan and advice on a calorie-controlled diet for your pet. You and your pet will then be supported through regular appointments to allow your pet’s weight to be monitored. Think of it as weight watchers, but for your pet.