8 out of 10 domestic animals will suffer some sort of dental problem in their lifetime: regular dental check-ups can prevent this happening to your pet


Dental problems are a common issue seen in domestic pets and can sometimes lead to other issues if left untreated. Just as you go to the dentist regularly to check your dental health, your pet should be having their mouth and teeth examined regularly.

If your pet’s teeth are not cleaned regularly, a build-up of tartar can form on the surface. This substance, produced by bacteria, irritates your pet’s gums causing pain and potentially weakening the roots of the teeth. In some cases, this can cause your pet to lose their teeth and can even cause internal infections.

So what should you do to protect your companion’s pearly whites? Ideally you should brush your pet’s teeth and gums a few times a week and bring them to us for regular dental check-ups.

At these check-ups, our experienced professionals will examine your pet’s mouth to check for any signs of problems, such as swelling or discharge in the mouth.  If your pet has any accumulation of tartar, we will recommend a full scale and polish.

In a scale and polish, your companion will be anaesthetised to eliminate their anxiety and stress levels. Our expert vets will then clean each of their teeth thoroughly to rid them of harmful bacteria which produce plaque on the teeth.

Whilst our vets are cleaning your pet’s mouth, they will also inspect every individual tooth for signs of damage. If needed, they can remove any teeth that may be causing your pet pain, or administer any additional dental treatments.

After dental treatment with us, you can be sure that your pet’s oral health will be greatly improved and their teeth squeaky clean.